DJ Drama is prepping the release of his forthcoming album, Quality Street Music 2. Today (July 13), Drama drops a single from the new project - a track called "Boyz in the Hood" featuring hip-hop heavyweights Meek Mill, Pusha T and Ty Dolla $ign.

Meek delivers powerful lyrics about his time in jail. On verse No. 1, he raps, "Uh, sorry your honor if I was too arrogant, that money was staggering/They locked me PC with them trannies and rats, man that shit was embarrassing/Twenty-three hours in cell by myself, man you couldn't imagine it/They fed me some shit I won't feed to my dog, man that shit was the nastiest/Can you imagine me losing my mind?/Doing push-ups, fifty-two at a time/Do the whole debt just to get through the time/Just to get to my son and get back to my mom."

He continues, "Papi keep asking me, where am I at?/I told him in jail and I said I'd be back/He said when you're back "Can you get me from school?"/Shit like that there will turn boy to a goon/Onto the graveyard, there's only one stop/We live fast, die from gunshots/In this lifestyle when we sling dope/Bust glocks, why you think we say "fuck cops"?/Cause when they lock us up all the fun stops/And when the ice cream truck come to one stop/So for the little babies all the fun stops/And we posted on the corner like the bus stop/Waiting on the state bus 'til the cuffs lock."

Per usual, Ty Dolla $ign handles the hook. Meek Mill covers the second verse, and Pusha T takes care of the third one.

The Virginia rapper spits, "And every year after, now everyday's laughter/No jail visits, no collect calls, we done put an end to that chapter/On holiday, small island riding jet skis with the family/I'm a hood nigga I can't swim but that little fact it ain't stopping me/I got yacht dreams, not rented, I double parked in that harbor/That's drag racing for rich niggas and bad bitches at the cargo/Woo, how fast your car go? Mine go two and change/My drugs now got a barcode, now that's called moving things, sing!"

Safe to say Drama did his thing on this record. You can pre-order Quality Street Music 2 now for $11.99 via Amazon.

You can listen to "Boyz in the Hood" below. Keep it locked to XXL as more music and news from DJ Drama surfaces. As aforementioned, Quality Street Music 2 is set to drop on July 22.


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