Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a press conference on Friday that he is mobilizing the National Guard to help redistribute ventilators from across the state to areas that are most in need.

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"There could be several hundred excess ventilators in hospitals that don't need them right now," He said. Cuomo expects some hospitals to take this up in court.  "If they want to sue me for borrowing ventilators to save lives, let them sue me."

As of Friday, there are now over 100,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in New York State alone, with the global count well over one million. Of those cases, 2,935 people have died, while there are also thousands of recoveries as well.

A vast majority of the cases in New York State are currently in New York City, although every single county in the state has at least one confirmed case. Many of the ventilators from WNY, CNY the North Country and more will be redistributed to the hospitals that are overrun in New York City.

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