Governor Andrew Cuomo stated on Thursday that New York on PAUSE, the executive order that shut down non-essential businesses and schools for safety from COVID-19, has been extended to at least May 15th.

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According to WIVB, it appears that New York is approaching the apex of the devastation of the coronavirus, as the number of New Yorkers who are currently hospitalized is slightly down, along with the number of new deaths. Experts believe this could be evidence that the state's safety measures have indeed begun to "flatten the curve" and move us towards the reopening of the state.

Many factors have contributed to the slowing of the virus' spread, but we still don't have a firm timeline for a full reopening of the state.

In terms of the end of this, Cuomo says that will be when we have a vaccine. The infection rate can’t be tracked, but the hospitalization rate is helping the state determine how soon New York will “re-open.”

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