NewTube Thursday is something we "Live For" here in Buffalo, "NY", but I only post it "When I Feel Like It". Don't look at me with that "Crooked Smile", I'm just trying to "Know You Better". So let me know who you enjoy these hot new music videos from The Weeknd, 50 Cent, Fabolous, J. Cole and Omarion!


NewTube Crooked Smile

J Cole – Crooked Smile

J. Cole really hits home with this video, in an unexpected way! Instead of showcasing the beauty of the “Crooked Smile”, he addresses the war on drugs and the injustices of America. The concept was inspired by real-life events that happened in 2010 when a little girl named Aiyana Stanley-Jones was killed in a drug raid in my hometown of Detroit, Michigan.

Although J. Cole changes the name of the little girl in his video to Leslie, the dedication to Aiyana at the end along with the message “please reconsider your war on drugs” pays homage to the tragedy that rocked the D three years ago.

50 Cent – NY

50 Cent got rich and he still tryin! This is the latest song off the album Murder by Numbers. It seems 50 wants to regain the backing of his hometown by renaming himself New York and showing off the city lights in this video. Check it out.

Omarion F/ Push T & Fabolous – Know You Better

O came hard on this MMG produced single off the Self Made 3 album in stores and online now. The song and video are all about getting to know the ladies personalities, not just what they’re like in bed. (What a concept) It reminds me of when Biggie rapped “Ask you what your interests are, who you be with, things that make you smile, what numbers to dial?” I really enjoyed this song and this video and you will too.

Fabolous f/ 2 Chainz – When I feel like it

Fab is too busy cruising around NYC on a boat; he’ll be with you when he feel like it! 2 Chainz joins the party at the Marina. Plenty of females in bikinis for your viewing pleasure.

The Weeknd / Drake – Live For

First of all, The Weeknd’s hair is …… um. Just see it for yourself in the video above. In this case Song > Video . #IJS