Some restaurants across the U.S. are re-opening, and some have been open for curbside pick up only or quick in and out take out...but hold on...what's that unfamiliar COVID-19 Tax on the receipt?

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Restaurant Owner Comments (comments were taken from news reports):

“It’s not a tax. It’s basically just a small percentage to cover all of our extra expenses,” Bootleggers BBQ owner Brian Staack( per a report)


“Everyday there’s something else that they can’t get or the prices have gone up exorbitantly,” Ozark Cafe co-owner Heather Hughes ( per a report)


“Our fillet prices, our rib eyes, most of our customer steak and even our shrimp now is becoming double in price. Plus, our chicken,” Kiko manager Sarah Sherwood ( per a report)


"It's insulting to me, "It's insulting. You can't charge people because there's a problem. We face lots of different challenges being in business, but you never put in a surcharge. It's a tax and you can't tax people for going out." Comment by Bret Frimmel is the owner of Uncle Sams, a popular, family-owned restaurant in Phoenix, (per

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