It looks like County Executive Poloncarz is going to have to get used to having some additional people in his daily entourage.

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After a series of events recently, the top elected official in Erie County is going to have a security detail.

WKBW is reporting that is has been suggested the County Executive get the security details due to the recent protests when a group of people pulled up to his house, along with a series of online threats that seem to be tied to the ager around the most recent round of restrictions and closures in response to our increased COVID-19 numbers.

All you have to do is check out social media… We have had others.
- Mark Poloncarz speaking to WKBW

In this day and age, it seems to be a more common occurrence for our elected officials to have security protection with them to ensure their safety.

The County Executive isn’t the only local official who has a protection team. Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown has had 24-hour protection from the Buffalo Police Department, which also includes a driver, for many years.

I think this fact says a lot about how our society has changed over the years and points to where we are going. I hope the need for this protection team proves to be unnecessary. Everyone should be able to feel safe at home and at work.

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