On top of him having the number one song in the country, Lil Nas X is also securing the bag With Wrangler Jeans

He partnered with the popular denim brand for a capsule collection and the looks are showing love to Old Town Road. But country music fans are drawing the line on Lil Nas X being the face of the brand, which apparently they feel is exclusive to country music.

one fan wrote under a post promoting the collaboration on Wrangler’s IG page:

“Yeah but wrangler has for hundreds of years been a cowboy/country gold type of jean! Why would you try to make it about rap music just because the rap music is trying to be country? I agree such a step down for wrangler!”

They responded to that one Instagrammer by saying:

“We appreciate your feedback. Since 1947, we’ve offered jeans for a variety of wearers and wearing occasions. Our western heritage and offering quality product for all wearers will always be the very heart of our brand.”

Why Do you think Country Music Fans Are Upset?

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