A small town in New York State has been named one of the coolest in America. Travel website Far and Wide released its list of the coolest small towns in each state. For many city slickers, the intimacy of small towns has made a resurgence as they tire of the hectic city life. If you're a city-dweller here in New York considering relocating to a smaller town, this one might peak your interest.

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Far And Wide Names This Small Town In New York The Coolest

Far and Wide chose Cooperstown as the 'coolest' small town to represent New York State on its list.

Cooperstown is a village located in central New York State. It sits right at the southern tip of Otsego Lake. Cooperstown, which was established in 1786, has a population of 1,867.

Far and Wide says it chose Cooperstown as the coolest because,

What is more American than baseball? How about the small town that is home to the National Baseball Hall of Fame? Found at the lower tip of Otsego Lake, this cheerful village is lined with quaint shops, restaurants, art galleries and museums, farming and, of course, baseball.

You can check out Far and Wide's full list of 'America's Coolest Small Towns by State' here.

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Cooperstown's official website describes it as,

truly a "Believe it or Not" type of destination – and while known as the home of our nation's pastime and a baseball mecca of sorts, the charming Central New York village offers more than meets the eye. Brimming with culture, history, sports legacy, outdoor recreation and more, Cooperstown beckons the first time and repeat visitors alike to discover – or rediscover – all the fun that awaits.

You can visit Cooperstown's official website here.

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