Both UB hoop teams had a fantastic run this year. The womens squad, who won the Mac championship,  made the sweet 16 for the first time ever in school history  and mannn where they balling hard throughout the tourney. I really enjoyed watching these ladies grind each and every game. What i liked the most was the focus, the determination and  overal poise of thier head coach Legette-Jack.

As she received more wins, her personality was highlighted with more and more interviews and in each interview she seemed like a really good coach!

I guess good coaching pays off because according to WGRZ , The university announced Felisha Legette-Jack agreed to the five year contract Tuesday.

This is what coach had to say below.

"I want to thank President Satish Tripathi and Director of Athletics Mark Alnutt for believing in me and for giving me the opportunity to continue to lead the charge here at Buffalo," said head coach Felisha Legette-Jack on the school's website. "We have an incredible group of six young ladies coming in next season and we hope that the community will continue to jump on board and springboard us forward on our journey. Today is a great day."

The future looks extremely bright for UB girls basketball!!

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