There was a horrible video that was being shown on Snapchat out of Clarence. The video, which is not posted here out of respect for the victim, saw multiple people attacking a teen boy and resulted in serious injury. He was then dragged into the woods to die according to WGRZ:

The clip shows other teens repeatedly stomping on the boy, someone then throws his limp body out the window. At the end of the video, he's shown with serious injuries and blood all over his face.

There is a petition going around right now, on, that seems to want to get the attention of the "Clarence Police Department and Residents of New York" to get some justice.

A teenage boy in Clarence, NY was severely beaten and drugged by a group of other teens. He was stomped on, beat on, thrown out of a two story window, and drug out into the woods to die. On this night the boy’s collarbone was broken, his skull was fractured and both lungs collapsed. Please help this young man get the justice he deserves!

At the point of posting, there were over 18,600 people who had signed.

There has been no comment from the Erie County Sheriff, but there is an open investigation. Once we get some more information we will update and confirm the details.

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