After filing a defamation lawsuit against Future, Ciara is now retracting her libel claim because she realized that she can’t win because she's too successful, according to TMZ.

The R&B singer’s lawyer, Larry Stein, recently filed legal documents dismissing her libel claims that her ex-fiance slandered on Twitter with rude tweets like “This bitch got control problems,” among other remarks. In order for CiCi to win in her defamation case, she would have to prove that the rapper’s comments hurted her financially.

Well, that’s clearly not the case. On Tuesday (Oct. 18), Ciara announced on her Instagram account that she’s now the Global Ambassador of Revlon. She also signed a deal with IMG Models. So she’s actually more successful now before Future decided to slander her on social media.

But Future is not out of Ciara’s legal crosshair just yet. The R&B mom is still moving forward with her lawsuit. This time she is suing Future for what is called "false light,” which is a legal term that helps "protect the plaintiff's mental or emotional well-being."

Ciara is alleging that Future made her look like a bad person and mother with his comments. Since she doesn’t have to show that she lost income, she could get monetary damages if she can prove emotional distress.

So it looks like Ciara and Future’s legal battle still rages on. To be continued.

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