Chris Brown has revealed to us in recent weeks that he is the father of a beautiful 9 month year old girl. He has since said that he has been a changed man since having a daughter. They say that once a man has a daughter, it changes his mindset completely. Chris Brown found out that he is the father of a 9 month year old daughter with a video model, Nia, in Texas.

He has always been a celebrity heart throb and a big hit with the ladies, needless to say he gets a lot of attention. He has said that he has toned down his ways in recent years but after having a daughter, he has completely changed his outlook on life and how he treats women.

It was exclusively detailed to HollywoodLife that Brown will change his actions and even how addresses people, cleaning up his act a bit:

“The baby has humbled him in a way and he regrets some of the music he’s made, particularly the words he’s used to describe women. He really doesn’t want to continue making music where he‘s calling women b**ches and hoes and other derogatory words.”

“It’s been getting under his skin when he‘s performed “Loyal” and “Ayo” and other songs on his tour because he‘s straight up dogging women in the lyrics. He would hate for someone to one day call his daughter a b*tch or a hoe. That would make him very upset and he would have a big problem with someone disrespecting his daughter.”

“Everyday he realizes he‘s a father, to a girl no less, and he wants to start making changes to raise his girl right and to be a good example of a man.”

He has been the center of a lot of drama lately, legal issues included and this would be a nice change of pace of he can turn things around. Wishing you the best.

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