Doctors at Oishei Children's Hospital have issued a warning about a rise in cases of RSV among infants and young children.

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Symptoms initially mimic that of a cold with coughing, congestion and fever, said Turkovich. But by the second or third day, significant coughing and wheezing may develop along with difficulty in breathing and finally decreased appetite.

Dr. Stephen J. Turkovich, chief medical officer at Oishei Children's Hospital told the Buffalo News:

This year, the strain is particularly bad. We’re breaking records in our emergency room and our pediatric ICU with really sick kids. It’s a good time to spend New Year’s Eve at home with the family.

If you have little ones at home make sure that you are constantly vigilant for those symptoms, and don't think you're overreacting by calling your doctor. Keeping your little ones safe is never anything you should mess around with.

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