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This short, but hilarious, video of a Cheektowaga father and his little 'snack bandits' has gone viral.  I've seen the video several times on Instagram and I crack up each time.  Any parent, especially those with a pet, has probably experienced something similar to this.

According to WIVB, the father's name is Ja’Rell. In the video, his two daughters 3-year-old Dakota and 9-month-old Dylan, along with their 12-week-old puppy Bella are caught red-handed enjoying a snack platter.  They are enjoying the bounty from their heist under their bunk bed, which they've made into somewhat of a retreat using their comforter.  While the video does look "staged," it's hilarious nonetheless, because every parent has had a real experience like it.


Ja'Rell's Instagram page is full of videos of his girls getting into snack-related mischief. If you scroll through his Instagram page, you can see lots of videos of his young daughters and their adorable black and white puppy, raiding the fridge. What's so great about Ja'Rell's page, outside of the laugh, is that it's great to see a dad and his daughters bonding.


Buffalo's 'Hood Santa' Rides Down Bailey on Skateboard Pulled by Dogs [Video]

Another video from someone in WNY went viral recently. This is why I love Buffalo. A guy named Brandon Johnson went viral back in December after a video of him speeding down the street with his dogs hit The Shade Room. His dogs, who wear antler headbands are his 'reindogs.' There are a few videos of him on his 'hood sleigh' (his skateboard), which is actually a very innovative idea (although probably not the safest mode of transportation). You can see Brandon riding around Buffalo on Bailey Avenue and Langfield Drive, gliding past the E District Police Station. You have to appreciate the finesse here!

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