After months of debate, last week the US Government signed the American Relief Act that will send another round of stimulus checks to those Americans who qualify.

Most Americans who made $80,000 per year or less will get some sort of stimulus check from the Government. Most Americans will receive $1400 per person in their household.

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Here is a breakdown of the Stimulus checks and who qualifies for them.


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Now if you are one of the Americans who qualify for a Stimulus check you want to know when you can expect them. Some people have already reported that the direct deposit from the IRS has already sent to their bank account. The IRS stated that people who filed their taxes with direct deposit would be the first ones to get the stimulus checks.

You can check the IRS website to see when you can expect your check or direct deposit to arrive.

You will have to enter some information like your name, date of birth, and social security number on the site.

After you enter the info, you will get a message on when you can expect your direct deposit or check to be mailed out.

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You can also use the website link to double-check to see if you were eligible for the first and second stimulus checks that were sent out last March and December.

The overall American Relief Act package will cost around $1.9 Trillion dollars with money set aside for child tax breaks, unemployment benefits, and aid for local government and schools.


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