There is a gym for ninjas in Lancaster and it is perfect for your kids! That’s right parents, the only ninja gym in Western New York is in Lancaster and this sure does look like fun.

The Hybrid Ninja Academy is exclusively geared to kids. I have been flipping through their website and what they are offering for your kids seems to be spot on from safety to the types of things that they learn.

Our son Hank is five and he absolutely loves anything to do with ninjas. He is always running around the house trying to sneak around corners or do somersaults and all things ninja. So this is a gym that we are definitely looking at for him.

One question that I had is, why didn’t we have things like that when we were kids?

We love to watch the NBC show American Ninja Warrior. The athleticism of the competitors is incredible! It all has to start somewhere and perhaps this ninja Academy is the perfect spot for your kids to start their future as ninjas or competitors on shows like American Ninja Warrior.

There are classes and camps that you can choose from and it looks like a great place to host a kid's birthday party!

Parties are booked for 1 hour and 45 minutes - allowing your guests a full hour on the obstacles in the gym, followed by 45 minutes in our party room!

As the fall turns to winter and we spend more time indoors, this gym looks like a great way to get the kids to burn off some energy and learn a few new skills!

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