We are not alone, but we are the biggest (and of course, the best). I certainly didn't realize there were so many other cities or towns named Buffalo in the United States. Most of the other places named Buffalo are small, rural areas. Many of them got their names from the bison or buffalo that roamed the area. Just to put things in perspective, here are some facts about Buffalo, New York:

Buffalo is the second biggest city in New York State, with a population of 278,349 as of 2020. According to Wikipedia, we weren't named after the animal, but rather a body of water,

The village of Buffalo was named for Buffalo Creek.

Buffalo and Black Rock were burned by the British forces in British forces 1813 in the Battle of Buffalo, also known as the Battle of Black Rock. The destroyed area was rebuilt pretty quickly in 1815, according to Wikipedia.

Buffalo was the most populated throughout its history in 1950 when the population was 580,132.

(Other) Buffalo Highlights:
- Buffalo, Illinois, has a population of 481, according to the 2018 estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau.

- The economy in Buffalo, Missouri relies heavily on agriculture, government, education, and healthcare.

"Folks here may find their livelihoods right at home in farming, construction, light industry or the many services demanded by a growing economy." ~ City of Buffalo

- Buffalo, Texas was where Braniff Flight 542 crashed on September 29, 1959. Everyone on-board, 27 passengers, one company employee and six crew members, were killed in the crash, according to the National Transportation Library.

- Lake Lure, once known as Buffalo, North Carolina, has been featured in a few movies, including Thunder Road, A Breed Apart, Firestarter, Dirty Dancing, and My Fellow Americans, according to IMDb.

- According to Wikipedia, Buffalo, Indiana had a population of 692 in 2010 and was named after our Buffalo,

Buffalo was platted in 1886, and named for Buffalo, New York, the native state of an early settler.

- In 2010, Buffalo, Iowa had a population of 1,270. WWE wrestler Seth Rollins was born in Buffalo, Iowa, according to Wikipedia.

10 Other Places Named Buffalo

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