JSteel and I (Yasmin Young) went out to the Perry Community Day! Check out the pictures!

Thank you to Linda Abernathy for inviting us out to the community day! It was a great all day event in Lanigans Park in the Commodore Perry Housing Projects. It was a day in which they invited past and present tenants to enjoy a day of non-violence and unity. The PP4Life Committee, which consists of 4 individuals who work year round asking for donations to make this day possible, did a wonderful job! With the help of Community Police PP4Life have been able to make this day a fun non violent day. They gave out book bags with schools supplies and gifts for seniors. We brought some WBLK bags and giveaways to add to the mix! PP4Life also made sure no one left hungry, feeding everyone with delicious food hot off the grill! Linda said, "With all the negativity surrounding our community this day instill hope in the residents as the majority feels as we are the 'forgotten community.'"

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