Over the past couple of seasons, Bills Mafia members have been spoiled with having a couple of bonafide superstars like Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs, and Tre White on the team.

But most Bills teams were made up of hard-working, blue-collar players that helped support the likes of Jim Kelly,  Thruman Thomas, and Andre Reed.

We wanted to put a spotlight on those players who help the team make Western New York proud of the team. We are talking about players that maybe didn't get lots of love from the National media or made tons of Pro bowls, but we were still proud that they were part of the team.

You will not see names like Greg Bell, James Lofton, or Doug Flutie on this list. For the most part, this list is about a guy who when you travel outside of Western New York, most people are going to say who?

Now, this is a very personal list, so I am 110% that you will not agree with some of my picks and think that I am crazy to choose this player over someone else, maybe even your favorite player. That is why if you want to chime in, you can email me HERE. I would love to have a discussion about who and why I picked who I picked and to see who you would put on this list.

Stay tuned, because next week we will head to the defensive side of the ball and give you my 11 most underrated defensive players for the Buffalo Bills.

But for now...Here are the 11 most underrated offensive players for the Buffalo Bills.

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