On today's episode of Community Connect, Yasmin Young speaks with Almax and Babie Gurl about their organization 4 Quarters! Get details on how you can get involved!

About 4 Quarters:

4 Quarters started with God bringing together three individuals Allen R. Maxwell, II. (Almax), Alohndra (Babie Gurl) Brown and Joseph (Joey Max) Maxwell in January of 2014. They were all born on January 5th and so their first performance together brought about a mighty change in their lives, 4 QUARTERS was birthed.

4 Quarters is a Youth/Community Organization that specializes in Arts, Education, Culture and Networking. The mission that God has given us is to create change, hence the name 4 Quarters. We give God all the glory for utilizing all of our entities to be the hope in the lives of others. We put together showcases quarterly which are 100% positive and clean, which creates a foundation and platform for our youth to build on. We also go out and do motivational speaking and continuously push for our youth to grow in a positive light. Music changes lives, so we create opportunities for talented beings of all genres and ages. In order for talented individuals to partake in our showcases, they have to go through an audition process in front of a panel of judges to determine if they have what it takes to hold the attention of a crowd, present clean and positive material and to see what areas they lack in to help them grow. Since the development of 4 Quarters in January of 2014 we have received a great deal of opportunities to offer the many talents that grace our stages.


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