Hours after delivering his new song “Groceries,” Chance The Rapper has launched an online competition associated with the upbeat track.

On Friday (May 17), Chano jumped on his Twitter account and announced that he is looking for people to post their best dance videos to his song “Groceries.” He will then pick 10 dancers and pay for their groceries for the entire year.

“I would like to pay for your #GRoCERIES for the next year. Yup," he tweeted. "I’m picking the 10 best dance videos posted with #Groceries and paying for their groceries THROUGH NEXT SUMMER! Extra points if you do it with friends/parents. EXTRA EXTRA points if you do it at work/school.”

“Groceries” is connected with a dance created by TisaKorean who is famous for his viral dance associated with the #woahchallenge. Before releasing his fun single, the Chi-City rhymer dropped a teaser video, which shows different people dancing to the song and mimicking the rapper's actions in his lyrics.

"Used to carry all the groceries in in one trip (Hercules)/Simply Minute Maid, gone in one sip (Drip, drip, drip)/Too much dip on my chip (Hey)/Stiff arm a jit to get my lip balm (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)," Chance raps on the chorus.

The Murda Beatz-produced song is expected to appear on Chance's upcoming new album, which is slated to arrive in July.

Check out Chance The Rapper's contest announcement below. And good luck!

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