What will filling out Census 2020 do for me, us, you, everyone?  There are so many things communities and individuals will benefit from by filling out Census 2020, but one aspect of filling out Census 2020 stands out for me?  Electoral Votes.

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I found some interesting information regarding Electoral votes.  According to Wikipedia, there's a process regarding how the Census is conducted as well as how and why people are urged to participate.  Each family household is entitled to complete only one Census form which will ask questions relative to everyone in the household.  When finished, you simply mail it back unless you completed the form online.  In that case, you would email it back.

Wikipedia explains that:

  • Electoral College consists of 538 electors
  • at least 270 electoral votes are required to win the election.
  • The number of each state's electors is equal to the sum of the state's membership in the Senate and House of Representatives

Now that's somewhat confusing to me, even so, let's look at this video for a better explanation:

Now, how does the Census affect Electoral votes?

So based on the last video... FILL OUT THE CENSUS...IT AFFECTS THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION...as a matter of FACT, that's how Donald Trump was able to win the 2018 Election, simply because he had more Electoral Votes than Hillary!


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