This is a pretty good interview relative to the Cardi B's demographic Cardi B reaches and influences,...but the bottom line is ...VOTE! ... but don't just VOTE...Vote with meaning.  Know who and what you're voting for.. don't vote just because your favorite music artist interviewed Joe Biden or Donald Trump.  There are people who will vote for Donald Trump because Kanye is a supporter...or maybe they'll vote for Kanye himself....simply because he's Kanye West.  You can see what the U.S. has gotten itself into by voting based upon a FAVORED PERSON WITH A NAME...Vote on the person who stands for what you stand for ...not simply because the person has a recognizable name or because they are associated with the most notables and famous people.  You have to do more than simply watch an interview based on someone else's questions other than your own.

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The interview is real but is ELLE Magazine interested in young people voting, or selling more publications?  Is Cardi B being used as an influential pawn to score votes for Biden, simply because she interviewed him?  I have a problem with the means of influence these Presidential campaigns secure for themselves via Concerts, Church Visits, and all the things that have nothing to do with Leadership in this Country until Election time.  C'mon.  The United States will continue to get what we get because people are not educated as to who they choose to run this Country.

Actions speak louder than words and last I looked, there is no President that has ever turned ALL THINGS around for the better.  President Barack Obama was, in my opinion, the 'MOST PRESIDENTIAL PRESIDENT' we've had in awhile in this Country...but all things Barack promised didn't happen for him or anyone else who ever made Presidential Campaign promises for that matter.  Could that change if the American people truly did their due diligence regarding how the government is run and what the different Policies are in our Country?  We have tons of Social Media but less and less Social Studies...not that we really ever had ANY Social Studies curriculum that wasn't or isn't biased, to begin with...that's why you need to do your own research before you vote.

Please VOTE this Election Year but please know who you're voting for and how their presidency and views will affect you, your family personally, and the Culture of people you are identified with...notice I DID NOT say the Culture YOU identify with... I said the Culture you are identified it or not.

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