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WBLK Morning host Steve Harvey spent 350k on this....
As the saying goes "A happy life makes for a happy life". Steve's wife is extremely happy after he dropped $350k for a  brand new Ferrari as her Christmas gift.
His wife name is Marjorie Harvey and she is always styling and comes off to be a very classy women...
Poll: Should Steve Harvey Work w/ President Elect Trump?
Steve Harvey has not been a proponent of President Elect Donald Trump and that has a lot of people very upset that Steve has now met with Trump, stood proudly with him at Trump Towers, and is reportedly going to assist Dr. Ben Carson regarding Housing and Urban Development, per President Elect Trump…
Take the Steve Harvey '21 Day Jump Challenge'! [VIDEO]
Steve Harvey's New Book "JUMP" is finally out... and to go along with the book,  Steve Harvey has developed a 21 Day Jump Challenge to get you started on your road to success.
Here's the video that started it all:
Take the Steve Harvey 21 Day Jump Challenge:
Steve Harvey
As Turkey Day 2016 winds down and everyone gives thanks for those things that are most important to them in their lives, we wanted to share a couple of photos of the Steve Harvey Turkey Giveaway that happened this past Tuesday at the Upper Room food pantry in Buffalo.
Harvey Gives Back To Buffalo
Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks for all the beautiful people and wonderful things that have made a difference in our lives.
A time when family and friends come together once a year to celebrate this occasion with a thanksgiving feast loaded with Turkey and all the trimmings...

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