Buffalo is full of great people who do amazing things on a daily basis to help move our community forward. From business owners to community leaders, there is no shortage of people who go above and beyond to help make Buffalo better.

A great example of that is happening in Buffalo's Emslie neighborhood right now. A great mentoring program that works with youth between the ages of 8 and 15 is on the verge of graduating its third cohort of participants.

Building Greatness Mentoring Program Running In Buffalo

What started as a free mentoring program created by Building Greatness, a local organization in Buffalo, has turned into a fairly successful mentoring program for kids and young adults to help them learn and improve their nutrition, financial literacy, coping mechanisms, and dressing for success skills. The mentoring program, which runs different cohorts every few months, is a 12-week wrap-around after-school program.

Building Greatness Mentoring Program
Building Greatness Mentoring Program

The program is now preparing to graduate its third cohort of participants. When the latest group completes the program later this month, it will have helped more than 80 young people improve their lives and learn valuable skills.

We are grateful for support from local entrepreneurs as we strive to promote a memorable experience in our region and help keep our youth engaged.
-Kenya Peoples, Building Greatness Program Director

The program is hosting a gradation for its current group of 35 youth at 6 pm on Monday, March 11, 2024, at the Buffalo Science Charter School, 89 Clare Street in Buffalo. The public is invited to see and hear all about the great things that these young people have learned.

If you want to learn more about the Building Greatness Mentoring Program, you can email Jessica Perkins or Mark Wolf at educationchoseme@gmail.com or go to their Facebook page.

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