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When talking about Buffalo food staples, chicken wings, pizza and beef on weck seem to get all the shine but there's one dish that I feel like is a staple because no matter what city I travel to, I've yet to find a city that makes it quite like we do. I love this dish so much so, I've tried it at several different restaurants in search of who makes it the best. What is the dish you ask? CHICKEN SOUVLAKI. The ancient dish according to forknplate.com; "...is considered a Greek food, and historians cite references to the dish in the writings of Aristotle (384-322 BC), Aristophanes (446-386 BC), and Homer, their senior by 400 or more years. The fact is, souvlaki was over a millennium old by the time Homer came along." So in other words, it's definitely more than a chicken salad with feta. In almost every city I've visited, I've ordered what the menu stated was a "greek salad" and it was in no comparison to a traditional Chicken Souvlaki. In my search for the perfect Souvlaki, I've noted the components that it has to be comprised of to make it super delish....

1. All ingredients have to be FRESH

2. Romain Lettuce (NOT ICEBURG!)

3. Well-Marinated Chicken Breast

4. Greek Dressing From Scratch

5. Top Tier Tzatziki Sauce

6. Warm, Slightly Crisp Pita (NOT STALE)

Simple enough right? Wrong! Some restaurants tend to drop the ball on one or two of these elements, but overall still serves a great Souvlaki nonetheless. Here's my top 5 restaurants for indulging in the Greek dish with my #1 pick which I feel has if not the perfect Souvlaki, definitely close!

5. Vasilis Express

4. Mythos: Buffalo Greek Restaurant

3. Alton's Restaurant

2. Kostas Family Restaurant

1. Wherle Family Restaurant

Now of course this is based off of my own personal taste and experience, but I'm sure you might have some favorites too that I haven't tried yet! Comment below and happy eating!

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