Buffalo Sabres fans have gotten a first glimpse at many prospects in the organization over the last three days, as the team held its annual developmental camp at HarborCenter in Buffalo.

General manager Kevyn Adams has kept busy with both free agency and trying to re-sign his own players over the last several days, but the 2022 NHL Draft is still fresh in everyone’s minds, as it took place last Thursday and Friday.

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Adams surprised many fans and media members on Friday afternoon, with signings we didn’t expect so soon.

The Sabres have announced that all three first round picks in 2022 have signed entry-level contracts with the team.

Matthew Savoie (8th overall), Noah Ostlund (16th overall) and Jiri Kulich (28th overall).

All three players play center but can also play the wing as well.

Ostlund and Kulich have looked excellent at camp, especially Kulich, as fans and media members wondered why he fell to pick 28. Kulich also told the Buffalo media after he was drafted that he has no other plan than to make the NHL in year one.

Savoie hasn’t been on the ice because of an injury but his skill is ready for the AHL and who knows, maybe he impresses enough to make the Sabres in year one.

I’m banking on Ostlund and Kulich to start with the Amerks, but I love the confidence from Kulich.

It’s extremely rare to sign a first round pick (who isn’t a top 5-10 pick) this soon. Many players don’t make the jump go the AHL or NHL until a year or two after they’re drafted and certainly not signed just a week after the draft concluded.

It’s an optimistic time to be a Sabres fan.

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