St. Patrick's Day is quickly approaching and, according to a survey, Buffalo is the 4th Beat City to Celebrate St. Patty's Day...and that;'s out of 200 Cities.  Not bad huh.

One thing that has always baffled me about St. Patrick's Day is the Beer Drinking.  How does Beer Drinking have anything to do with St. Patrick's Day?  Here's how:

According to... and although St. Patrick's Day celebrates Christianity, for the most part, the drinking of beer is a provision whereas the Irish, and those celebrating St. Patrick, are allowed to take a break for the day  to enjoy a good cold be

Well as people across the Country prepare for their St. Patty's Day activities, Buffalo will do so as well, PROUDLY,, because according to that, which I mentioned above, Buffalo is listed as the 4th Best City (out of 200 Cities) to celebrate St. Patrick'S Day

Here's are some more stats from the survey: (according to

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