This been a topic of conversation in the past as it relates to Buffalo Police officer's safety, especially during times like now, where there has been social unrest and plenty of protests lately. according to WIVB, Buffalo Police officers must have their names visible on their uniforms, unless there is a protest.

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Back in September, it was announced by Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown, that officers no longer had to display their names on their uniforms just their badge number. That was in an effort to prevent people from doxing police officers. Doxing is when someone puts a police officer's name on the internet, and it is unlawful to post private information, such as police officer's names and badge numbers.

Credit: WIVB

Buffalo Police commissioner Bryon Lockwood said, that the uniforms are currently being amended so that they would have velcro straps which will allow officers to remove and replace their name as needed. I always thought that it was important for officers to display their names, it shows transparency and also gives officers on the job a sense of accountability. Honestly, I'm not sure how many times I ever paid attention to an officers name anyway, in most cases it's usually not the first thing I'm thinking of when dealing with a police officer.

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This is another step in the right direction toward building trust between people in our community and the police department, in my opinion.

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