According to WIVB, two Buffalo Police officers are being accused of making an unlawful arrest. In a federal civil lawsuit filed by Daniel Mele of Buffalo, the officers made the arrest, and after they realized that they arrested an innocent person, they conspired to cover it up.

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According to WIVB, the lawsuit states, that Daniel was near his home in the early morning on August 29th, 2019. Buffalo Police Officer Andrew R Thomas and Phillip Edwards pushed him on the ground forcefully. After Daniel Mele was in the police car they drove him to Deny's restaurant, where a robbery had occurred, to get one of the employes to identify him as the robber.

After learning that Daniel Mele did not commit that crime, Instead of releasing him from custody, the officers charged him with second-degree destruction of governmental administration. According to WIVB, Mele was looked up and later released, after charges had been dropped at his arraignment.

According to WIVB, this is at least the third lawsuit filed with similar allegations against Buffalo Police officers in less than a year.

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