There's no doubt that Police Officers have a difficult job trying to keep the peace. They are empowered by the state to take certain steps in order to keep law and order and from time to time, they need to use those tools to keep things in order.

That appears to be what happened last night in Buffalo's Leroy Neighborhood when an officer had to deploy his taser to get a group of people who were fighting in the middle of the street under control.

BPD Officer Uses Taser To Break Up Fight

A video posted to social media shows a pretty wild fight happening in the street involving at least four people.

Early in the morning on Sunday, September 24, 2023, one person appears to be running away and trips while another person is chasing them. Once the first person is on the ground, the unidentified man jumps on them and appears to start throwing punches. They wrestle on the ground when a third man gets into the fray. Soon thereafter, a woman gets involved, trying to break up the fight.

Facebook User lewis31
Facebook User lewis31

At that moment, you see the police officer also try to break up the fight. When the fight keeps going, he deploys his taser to subdue the subjects of the fight.

It takes a few shots from the Taser before the expletive-filled fight ends. The officer stands over one of the men as the other people get their bearings together.

Buffalo Police Only Recently Began Using Tasers

It's only been around 18 months since the Buffalo Police Department started to issue Tasers to its officers, even though the Buffalo Common Council authorized them back in 2020.

The BPD has issued more than 500 Tasers to its officers since the spring of 2022.

Watch The Shocking Video Of The Police Officer Using The Taser

The video, which was posted to social media, is just about a minute long but shows the entire tasing incident.

We've reached out to the Buffalo Police Department for more information about this incident. We will update this story as more information becomes available.

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