A Buffalo Police cruiser hit a 10-year-old boy, while rushing to a call that turned out to be fake!

Credit: WIVB

The video above shows what lead up to the incident (but WIVB has edited the video to not show the moment of impact). A 10-year-old boy who was dropped off at school on Niagara street, was hit by a Buffalo Police vehicle, according to WIVB. The vehicle did have its lights and siren on when the boy ran into the street.

The officer was responding to a call about an armed man, threatening a woman, which turned out to be a false report.

The boy flips through the air and lands about 10 feet from the police cruiser in the street. He then bounces up and runs toward his school building, seemingly uninjured. The female caller, Serena Parson of Niagara Street, was arrested and charged with filing a false report, after she admitted to lying on the 911 call.



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