A few months ago I was searching for someone to paint a 90's movable mural for one of my shows. Several names were given to me, however it was a guy named Left Hand Bandit (aka Tyshaun Tyson) that came up more than the rest. With such a unique moniker I had to see what all the hype was about and let me tell you I was absolutely blown away. He is truly talented and a definite "Art Addict". Tyshaun has an interactive art show coming up Saturday July 22, 2017 at the Metropolitan in Buffalo, N.Y.. Check out some of his work below, and get the info on the event at EventBrite.com! (Michelle Visa)

art visa

While finishing up his undergraduate degree in the Spring of 2013 at Buff State, Tyshwan thought of a term that summarized his Passion for Art. 'Art Addiction' was conceived which describes the obsession for his talent.
"Art Addiction: The Sequel" is the second installment of Tyshaun D. Tyson's signature Art Exhibition. Last summer, Tyshaun (also known as The Left-Handed Bandit) revealed his Addiction to Art as he performed live works in front of a sold out studio. This summer he returns with his artistic obsession. Tyshaun's Art Addiction is intended to take the audience on a journey as it illustrates a story of events relevant to his growth in life; all while showcasing him in a different light. Tyshaun invites you to join him as he expresses his advanced dependency on the habit that has captivated him throughout his life.
"Art Addiction: The Sequel" is not just an art exhibition, but an Art Experience. This year the audience is invited to participate in the show. Tyshaun will engage the crowd in creative group activities and art games, utilizing different mediums. On this night, Tyshaun will unveil a collection of brand new original works of fine art and merchandise. In addition, there will be raffles for creative prizes; artistic give-aways; a blazing live band performance; a passionate live poetry performance, food, an open bar and plenty of opportunity to socialize and network!

"Art Addiction: The Sequel" will take place on Saturday July 22nd, 2017 at the Buffalo Metropolitan Entertainment Complex (1670 Main St. Buffalo NY 14209).from 7-11PM. Doors open at 6:45pm. Ages 21+.

Let go of your inhibitions and control your emotions. Look deep within yourself and channel your inner Art Addict.

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