We're all adjusting to the new normal--working from home, moving to digital platforms, providing goods and services on a virtual or delivery basis. That change has been especially difficult for many of Buffalo's businesses, but in true WNY spirit, Buffalo has remained open for business.

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In that light, we wanted to shine a light on how some of our WNY community business leaders are doing to keep Buffalo working. Each of them brings their own unique insight on what challenges their industry is facing during the era of social distancing. Each week Yasmin Young will speak with business leaders from around the area to get a boots-on-the-ground look at how Buffalo is staying open for business.

Today Yasmin spoke with Marshawn Quinney of Mandela Market to learn more about how they've continued to serve the community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and what their plans are moving forward as WNY begins to reopen.

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