This list is rude! How about that?! America seems to love to hate us New Yorkers. We just can't seem to shake our reputation of being considered jerks. Business Insider has compiled a list of the 'The Rudest Cities in America' and we're on top (because we're the best). According to Business Insider,

The rankings are based on two online polls conducted in October and November 2019 — American adults were asked to choose the five rudest cities from a list of the 50 largest metro areas in the country.

Buffalo made the list of the top 10 rudest cities and so did New York City. Let's be crystal clear - we made the top 10 because we're the best of the best, baby!

Photo by Austin Pacheco on Unsplash
Photo by Austin Pacheco on Unsplash

I've lived in other places, particularly the south, where I've encountered plenty of rude people. Having lived in both New York City and currently Buffalo, I can say that we are not rude. We are about our business - booked and busy. We have too many things to do and places to go to be worried about constantly walking around smiling and asking everyone if they're having a good day. And if you don,t like, 'getouttahere!'

The 7th Rudest City In America Is Buffalo, New York

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

11.3% of respondents thought Buffalo had the rudest inhabitants.

But, but, but, wait! We are the 'City of Good Neighbors', so how did we land at #7? I honestly think you have to live in Buffalo to understand that we are good, friendly people...but, don't mess with us!

The #1 Rudest City In America in New York City

New York City Deals With Rise In Coronavirus Cases, As Mayor Considers Shelter-In-Place Order
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34.3% of respondents thought New York had the rudest inhabitants.

Listen, I get's not easy to deal with New Yorkers' so-called attitudes. But, if you lived in the most populated city in America with so many people stacked on top of each other, you wouldn't be super friendly either.

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