A captain with the Buffalo Police Department has been suspended after being accused of racism. A federal civil lawsuit has been filed against Captain Amber Beyer as well as the department. Beye was in charge of BPD’s Behavioral Health unit. According to WIVB, she made multiple racist comments in the presence of black police officers. The lawsuit alleges that department leadership did not address the allegations or stop the problem.

Captain Beyer pictured below

Attorney Nate McMurray, who represents the plantiff's - the police officers and a black clinician, told Channel 4,

You bring these lawsuits to initiate change to also tell the department you can’t continue to do this and to ignore these type of complaints. They complained, said this needs to change, and not only did they continue, the bad behavior of this captain accelerated

The suit claims that in May 2022, Beyer went on a rant in front of black officers saying that black men cheat on their wives more than white men and that all the black officers she knows are unfaithful. She also said that white officers get post-traumatic stress disorder after working in Buffalo's black neighborhoods, like the Eastside.

The lawsuit says officer Brandon Hawkins used vacation days to avoid working with Beyer. The clinician, Erica Seymour, quit due to the working environment with Beyer. The other officer involved in the lawsuit is Katelynn Bolden.

They reported Beyer's alleged racist behavior to Internal Affairs and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. They filed the $45 million lawsuit claiming Beyer's behavior violated their civil rights. The department now says that Beyer has been suspended without pay.

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