A body of  a 10 yr old boy was found in an East Side basement Tuesday night. Police say his step-daddy did it.

As a parent, I know how stressful raising a child can be. Especially when they don't want to listen to you. But as adults we must understand the difference between discipline and abuse. There is no excuse for beating a kid to death!

Officers were called to the home Tuesday night for a report of a missing child. They found the boy’s lifeless body while searching the house.

40-year-old Ali Mohamud was arrested within an hour at The Buffalo News, where he worked as a guard.

Mohamud, the stepfather of the boy, has been charged with second degree murder after confessing to binding the boy's mouth and hands with duct tape and beating him until he stopped breathing.

Mohamud was arraigned Wednesday afternoon on a charge of second-degree murder.

There are so many angles of this story that need to be explained

1. Why did the boy's mother call in a missing child report before searching the whole house for her son?

2. How does Ali kill his step-son and then proceed to go to work and "secure" the staff at the Buffalo News?

3. What will the news company do now to ensure that their security gaurds are really concerned with "Safety" of human life and not just an easy paycheck. Should the background checks be more thorough ?

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