Dr, Raul Vazquez is such a knowledgable doctor who doesn't get the recognition he deserves.  Dr. Vazquez has been serving the Black and Brown Communities in Buffalo for the past 30+ years and truly has a caring heart void of many doctors and the Health Care Industry in general.

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In my latest interview with "Dr. V.", about a month ago, he asked me if I remembered when doctors used to come to people's homes to care for them...well that's what Dr. Vazquez is a proponent of and his actions are speaking louder than his word with the introduction of a Mobile Medicine Center...essentially this is an ER (Emergency Room) on Wheels.

WGRZ, and The University of Minnesota's 

"US minorities are dying at a younger age than white Americans. According to the analysis, just 3% of white people who have died of COVID-19 are under age 55, while 8% of Asians, 11% of Blacks, 18% of Latinos, and 24% of American Indians are under that age.Experts say that the age disparity in COVID-19 deaths in part reflects unequal access to healthcare. But they also say younger minorities are being hit harder because they are more represented in low-wage jobs that increase their risk of getting infected."

The GBUAHN / Urban Family Practice 'Mobile Medical Center' will be in operation in approximately one week.  The 370 sq. ft. Medical Center mobile vehicle has "two separate exam rooms, each with a table, top-notch medical equipment, testing instruments, a computer, sanitary supplies, a waiting area, bathroom, a heating system and more", according to the WGRZ article. Dr. Vasquez says his team has ordered 3,000 COVID-19 tests, 2,000 influenza tests and 1,000 strep throat tests, according to the WGRZ News report.

You don't need an appointment to take advantage of the Mobile Medical Center, but Dr. Vazquez urges anyone who is interested in taking advantage of the Mobile Medical Center, would be better served by going online to the Urban Family Practice website (link below) or call Urban Family Practice at 716) 882-0366 to speak with a nurse for immediate assistance,


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