There's a new Guinness World Record holder, and he's from Western New York.

An Amherst native has broken the Guinness World Record by catching a football dropped 625 feet from a helicopter.

Ok, it's Gronk. The Buffalo man is exactly who you think it might be. reported on the record-breaking attempt, in which Gronk was successful catching the third football lobbed from a helicopter above the University of Arizona's football field.

The newspaper notes the previous record for highest altitude catch was set in 2017 -- by viral video YouTube star Tyler Toney -- part of the Dude Perfect web series. Toney's record was for catching a ball from 563 feet in the air.

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As of right now, Guinness has not yet updated their website, which still lists Toney as the record holder.

No word yet on if the guys from Dude Perfect will try to reclaim the title.

The group will be in Buffalo in October, performing at Key Bank Center. 

According to Wikipedia, Dude Perfect holds 21 Guinness World Records as a group -- in an astonishing array of categories, including: longest basketball shot, highest basketball shot, longest blindfolded basketball shot, longest sitting basketball shot, longest barefoot Lego walk, longest pea blow, farthest distance travelled rolling across exercise balls, most Ping Pong balls stuck on a person's head using shaving cream, the most Donuts stacked on each other while blindfolded, and the most beachball header passes in 30 seconds.

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