I normally come into work and look for News Stories relative to Buffalo, and in doing so I run across The Good & The Bad ... unfortunately it's not "Good News".

While "browsing" today I noticed what you will see below... News coverage regarding "ANOTHER SHOOTING HOMICIDE"!!!!  It struck me however, that there was NO INFORMATION ...pretty much just a Headline and a couple of sentences to ultimately state that, "Upon arrival they found 55 year-old Elroy Damidaux deceased".

This was bothersome and revealing to me!  I realized that there was no information other than a simple report that a man had been killed, where, & when ... PERIOD!!!!  However, there is ONE other MOST IMPORTANT element within the News Report I noticed ... It reads as follows:

Anybody with information is asked to call police at 847-2255.

The Community has a it's own responsibility to put Homicide and Violence to an end...Complain about ANYTHING EVEN POTENTIALLY HARMFUL OR CRIMINAL YOU SEE OR EVEN HEAR ABOUT!!!  That's the ONLY WAY the foolishness will end.

In My Opinion.

If you have any information about this Homicide please contact The Buffalo Police Department at 716-847-2255.

Your Comments?