Update: Buffalo Bills to Take on Baltimore Ravens on Saturday

According to WIVB, the Bills will play the Ravens on Saturday night in Orchard Park. As WIVB puts it, this game will be on fire,

It’s a matchup of two of the hottest teams in the NFL right now. The Ravens have won six straight games after a 6-5 start to the season. Meanwhile the Bills have won seven in a row. They are a Hail Mary pass away from winning 11 straight coming into this game.

Since tickets to the Buffalo Bills home playoff game were limited, fans headed down to Chippewa Street to watch the game. An aerial camera caught the moment when the Bills won the game. You can see fans, who packed out the street, went wild.

The Bills beat the colts by a close margin, 27 to 24. Bills fans were at the edge of the seats, hoping that the Colts wouldn't catch up to team. As DJ Ed Nice wrote, in his story about the Bills' win,

Buffalo's first playoff win this century was a nailbiter all the way until the final seconds. The best part of this game is that the Bills were able to grab this win with fans in the stadium. This was the first game fans have been able to attend in Buffalo, with just under 7,000 being allowed under New York State's COVID guidelines.

The Bills Mafia is getting ready for what's next. The excitement around the team's success is energizing not only fans, but really, the entire City of Buffalo (and the surrounding areas). The next game will be in about a week, according to WKBW,

The Bills will meet one of three teams for their next playoff game either Saturday the 16th or Sunday the 17th. The Bills will either play the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Tennessee Titans, or the Baltimore Ravens in the divisional round of the AFC Playoffs.

Whatever happens, this season has been amazing for Buffalo Bills fans! Make sure you download the free WBLK app for Android or iPhone and turn on your notifications so we can keep you updated on all things Buffalo Bills.

Buffalo Bills Players' Private Chef Shares Their Favorite Meals [Interview]

Speaking of the Bills, on Friday, I had a chance to talk with Chef Darian Bryan, who is the personal chef of Stefon Diggs of the Buffalo Bills and provides meal prep for other Bills Players. We talked about what the players' favorite meals are, his cook book, and his company, The Plating Society in-home dining experience. It was interesting to hear what some of the players' favorite meals are and what they eat to get ready for their games.

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