Faith leaders with VOICE Buffalo, are demanding accountability and suspensions of the police officers involved with the arrest of Quentin Suttles.

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Faith leaders with VOICE Buffalo have written a letter expressing their concern over the arrest of Quentin Suttles. On May 10, officers with the Buffalo Police Department stopped Suttles and removed him from his vehicle. Suttles received a broken collarbone, broken arm and other injuries from the officers. A video of the incident surfaced.

“Police brutality remains one of the most serious and divisive of the human rights violations in our country. Any excessive use of force, whether it be beatings, shootings, or otherwise rough treatment, can persist because of the overwhelming lack of accountability for officers. This makes it continually possible for officers who carry out such actions to escape punishment and repeat such dangerous and deadly behavior." ~ Faith leaders with VOICE Buffalo via a press release

The group of faith leaders is calling for Commissioner Lockwood and the Buffalo Police Department to suspend the officers without pay until the investigation has been completed. It is also demanding accountability for those involved in the incident. Although an internal investigation is underway, Faith leaders with VOICE Buffalo are asking for an external investigation.

“VOICE Buffalo calls for enforceable, impartial accountability measures for when issues of police brutality, improper use of force, or racial bias emerge. Without objective external investigative measures, this lack of accountability, such as the failure to discipline or prosecute abusive officers and the failure to deter abuse by denying promotions and/or particular assignments because of prior abusive behavior, will only continue." ~ Faith leaders with VOICE Buffalo via a press release

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