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Let Buddy run around and sip some Bacardi at a new dog park in Buffalo that comes equipped with a bar! According to WGRZ, a unique business is under construction in Cheektowaga. Barkology is a bar and dog park - the perfect place for pet parents who like to enjoy a cocktail. It will feature both indoor and outdoor areas.

According to Barkology's Twitter page, it will offer a lot of room for the doggos to run around,

5,700 sq ft indoor climate controlled off leash play space and a 3,000 sq ft outdoor beer garden and off leash play space. Making your dogs dreams come true!

During the day, it will offer daycare for canines. The bar portion of the business will be open nights and weekends. The scheduled opening date is scheduled for April 17, 2021.

One of the owners, Megan Sitarek, told WGRZ about one of the motivations for creating this unique business in Western New York,

"There's days when you work all day at home or at the office, and your dog's home, and then you want to go out for a drink with your friends, and then they're home again all night. So it's a place where you can just come and bring your dog and have fun with your friends."

I'm not a dog-owner, but it seems like a really cool idea and a great place to let your fur baby run around while enjoying some time with friends or meeting other dog-lovers. Once the world is fully open, I can imagine that it will be poppin', especially when the weather is good.

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