For the first time in my life, I felt a sense of belonging at last night's Buffalo Creek Casino grand opening event with the Seneca Nation of Indians.


Never before have I been around so many of my "own kind". As an only child with an estranged Indian father, I grew up in an all white family and I married into a Black family. So I never ever "fit in" anywhere, until now. Western New York has a large population of Native Americans and the Senecas are doing BIG things!

Check out some pics from last night's VIP Reception for the Buffalo Creek Casino.

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“In developing this world-class property, the Seneca Nation set out to transform an old industrial site, a shade of Buffalo’s past, into a key piece of the city’s future,” said Seneca Nation President Barry E. Snyder, Sr. “Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino will forever stand out as a testament to Buffalo’s rebirth and a permanent reminder of the important role which the Seneca Nation and its people play in the future of Western New York.”


When I first moved to Buffalo, my husband and I walked in THIS blue garage with the word "casino" on it looking for some food and entertainment. 5 Mins later, we walked out out there noting that the experience was nothing like the MGM Grand Casino we are used to in Detroit.

But I am happy to say that we WILL be back to the all new Buffalo Creek Casino! It is beautiful. Native American culture also is prevalent throughout the building’s design, including a floor-to-ceiling “Tree of Peace” structure at the main entrance as well as an illuminated and animated electronic feather marquee atop the roof outdoors.

The $130 million permanent facility brings 808 slots, 18 table games, Buffalo-centric
restaurant and approximately 500 jobs to downtown Buffalo.

It was so nice to see all the Native American workers and executives mingling with each other in a "home of our own" type of way. Though the State of New York tried to stop the development, Buffalo Creek Casino is a place we can call home and thrive!