The long wait ended as the Buffalo Bills kicked off the new NFL season last night with a huge win over the defending Super Bowl champions the Los Angeles Rams.

The Bills ended up winning the season opener 31-10 and now Bills Mafia can spend the next several days celebrating the big win. So how can you celebrate? Check out these 5 ways to celebrate the Bills' season-opening victory.

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Wear Your Bills Gear

Most people were able to wear their Bills gear to work or school on Thursday leading up to the game, so keep that theme going. Most of us have more than one piece of Bills logoed item of apparel so throw on the Zubaz or Josh Allen jersey and show the world your love for the Bills.

Eat Some Chicken Wings

Pizza and wings were the dinner choice for many Western New Yorkers before Thursday's game. There is no better way to celebrate a Bills win than to have some leftover wings for breakfast. Cold chicken wings and blue cheese is the ultimate victory breakfast.

Watch Game Highlights

Sure you stayed up late last night to watch the game live on NBC, but after the big win this morning the best way to celebrate is to watch the highlights. From Josh Allen's stiff arm to the seven sacks by the Bills' defense, rewatching the big plays will give you the nice and fuzzy feeling you had watching the game live last night.

Interact With Bills Mafia On Twitter

Twitter can be a vast wasteland of hate nonsense, but after a big win from the Bills seeing and interacting with Bills Mafia on Twitter will have you feeling great. From amazing memes to thousands of "Go Bills", spending your morning tweeting good vibes about the Bills is a perfect way to celebrate a big win

Pay It Forward At The Drive-Thru

Every Bills Mafia member is feeling good about the big win, so why not spread those good vibes by paying it forward and paying for the car behind you in the drive-thru? For an extra couple of bucks, you can share this amazing feeling you have after the Bills win with someone who may need a pick me up.

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