You’ve never seen a ride quite like this.

Sports fans have been decorating their vehicles for decades to show their love for their favorite team. The original way to express yourself with your car was by slapping on a bumper sticker. However, once we realized what a pain in the rear it was to take them off, we switched to removable vinyl decals. License plate holders, flags, seat covers, and washable window paint are other popular ways to show team spirit.

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But one Buffalo Bills fan took showing off his dedication to the Buffalo Bills to the next level, causing Western New York heads to turn every time they drive by and ask…who owns this sweet ride?

An amazing, tricked-out Buffalo Bills-themed moto scooter has heads turning all over Buffalo. The bike’s custom blue and red paint job with Bills logos and Bills-themed seat cover is making Bills fans all over Buffalo drool.


Spotted outside of a Wegmans (how Buffalo is that?) and posted to the r/Buffalo subreddit, the decked-out motoscooter has tongues wagging all over Western New York. 

I need this when I grow up!!” says u/Early-Emergency-2550

One too many tables smashed, and you get a Rascal like this,” said u/BringBackTheBeat716

u/Cj2nice4u threw in, “Hey anybody know how to hot wire one of those? Asking for a friend.”

Other Buffalo Redditors expressed their love for the vehicle, calling the owner a “hero,” “a massive legend,” and even “the raddest senior citizen in WNY.”

Illegal activity aside, the Reddit thread was filled with Buffalonians anxious to get their hands on this sweet Bills-themed motorbike.

Who Owns This Awesome Buffalo Bills Scooter?

But now, Buffalo Bills fans all over Western New York are dying to know… who owns this impressive Bills-loving mystery machine?

For now, the identity of the driver of this sick scooter remains anonymous. But whoever you are, mysterious Mafia moto-owner, can I take this fantastic ride out for a spin sometime?

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