The folks at the Transit Drive-in in Lockport were not happy with Buffalo Bills fans after showing the playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens on Saturday night (January 16, 2021). According to the drive-in's Facebook page, its staff spent almost 8 hours total cleaning up all the trash that was leftover from the viewing party,

It seems as though Bills Mafia is highly skilled at breaking tables, but not so great at cleaning up after themselves. If you can bring prodigious amounts of beer and chips with you, it shouldn't be that difficult to bring a couple of 30 gallon trash bags along, too. Maybe our expectations were too high for an event that was free for the public to attend.

In a video posted yesterday, Monday, January 18, a representative for the drive-in shows some of the trash still left over. He asked the 'Bills Mafia' to bring a trash bag and to be respectful while they watch the games at the drive-in.

Buffalo Bills Fan Breaks Table in the Middle of Allen Street [Video]

It's true that Bills fans are a wild bunch (although wild doesn't have to mean 'trashy'). On Saturday, the whole city was full of energy after the Bills defeated the Ravens, sending the team to the AFC Championship game. It will be the Bills' first time playing in a Championship game in more than 25 years - since 1994.

Speaking of Bills fans breaking tables (with their bodies), a guy carried a table into the middle of Allen Street and Elmwood Avenue Saturday night and body-slammed himself on it. I am very curious to know how this tradition became so popular. I also have questions about which restaurant he seems to have jacked the table from. It's definitely not a folding table from Walmart.


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