I didn't know there were so many negative people in the Bills Mafia group on Facebook. Yesterday in the group, Bethany Croyle Manning posted a couple of pictures of the Pegulas yacht while on Spring break in Florida 'Visiting Palm Beach Florida and look who’s the boat we see… Pegula’s. Go Bills!!!' and people were just absolutely bashing the Pegulas---for a bunch of different reasons whether it be criticizing how many taxes they think the Pegulas pay (or do not pay, for that matter) or because of the Sabres and their lack of success since they have purchased the team.

Craig wrote on Facebook:

I bet he pays more to dock that than he does in taxes. Love the Bills, but I’m not gonna worship the Pegulas who pay nothing in taxes on money they made hydro fracking.

William wrote on Facebook:

I love the Pegulia’s. I begrudge them nothing. He saved the Bills and the Sabres. The fact he made billions is irrelevant to me. There’s a lot of luck in wealth. He was in the right place at the right time.

Either way, take a look at Terry and Kim Pegula's yacht below! It is MASSIVE. According to SuperYachtfan.com, the Pegula's yacht is 200 feet long. There are some interesting facts on there as well including money facts. How much was the Pegula's yacht? You can see, according to the website that it cost $75 million and it costs between 5 and 8 million dollars to operate.

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