The road to the Super Bowl begins in August at Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park. The Buffalo Bills have finalized the schedule for their preseason games and two of them will be right here in Western New York.

The first preseason game will be August 13th at 4pm at Highmark Stadium against Indianapolis. The second is also at home against Denver at 1pm on August 20th (both are Saturdays). Their final preseason game is August 26th on the road against the Carolina Panthers.

While the Buffalo Bills will have plenty of prime-time games during the regular season, there won't be any preseason games on NATIONAL tv this year.

That's fine. Local television will carry the games and the starters play just a small portion of the preseason anyways.

The entire area is buzzing about the Buffalo Bills. But if you travel these days, the buzz is felt across the country as well. Just wear anything with a Bills logo on in and you will find yourself caught up in a discussion about Josh Allen and the team's chances this season.

There were reports earlier this week that former Bills QB, Ryan Fitzpatrick, would sign a one-day contract and retire officially as a Buffalo Bill. That would be a great addition to what has already been some great news this off season.

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