Buffalo Alive is all new! B. Alive is a show all about uplifting the dope people, places and things to do right here in Buffalo and WNY! When I first started it, there were a few 'haters,' who didn't understand why we needed a show to showcase all the amazing stuff happening right here in our city! Well, the haters gonna hate, meanwhile, Buffalo is Alive! Yasmin Young from the 2 To 6 Takeover (M-F, 2-6 PM) and Gibbs catch up with Lockport's MMA Champion Joe Taylor, we check out Buffalo's Colored Musicians Club and Museum, The Food For Thought program and more!! What a time to B. Alive!

Time markers for each segment are below (if you want to watch specific segments):

00:00 - 00:23 - Intro
00:24 - 04:08 - MMA Champion Joe Taylor (Son Of A Legend)
04:09 - 04:28 - Buffalo's Charter School Fair
04:29 - 06:07 - Colored Musicians Club Museum
06:08 - 07:22 - Dudes On Instagram Be Like (Stalkers) Skit
07:23 - 09:09 - Colored Musicians Club
09:10 - 10:00 - KB Live At Hip Hop Explosion
10:01 - 11:23 - Making Pizza W/ The Food For Thought Program
11:24 - 11:34 - Credits/Thank Yous

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Yasmin Young

Listen to Yasmin Young weekdays from 2 - 6 pm inside the "2 To 6 Takeover" on The People's Station 93.7 WBLK!!

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